SmartField software helps companies manage large mobile workforce. Increasing your service revenue by 16% or higher.

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The largest brands in the world use SmartField to increase field workforce profits.

Increase Profits in the Field

Gain more sales and improve service in your field workforce throughout all mobile devices.  SmartField is the only platform that provides an end-to-end solution with sales, support, and field service operations. Communication to your customers is simple in SmartField.  Add up-selling opportunities to customers and empower your workforce and back office to gain real time access to field activities.

Increase Performance in the Field with SmartField

Using SmartField , dispatchers schedule and assign work in a split second, updating your technicians on their mobile devices. Immediate two way communication reduces your customer response time, while improving tech and dispatcher productivity. Workers enter invoices once and accurately. Create smart service agreement contracts that auto dispatch and prompt for renewal. Balance your service agreement and reactive workloads to get more work done.

Field Service Iphone Screens

Mobile Field Service Management Made Easy!

When your dispatchers can shuffle schedules quickly and efficiently, work orders couldn’t be easier. SmartField allows dispatchers, schedulers, Customers, and field resources a dashboard-full of information, including each tech’s work orders, location and status. Reassignment and reschedules are fast. When a tech runs late, simply drag and drop the work order to assign a new one.

Get Paid Faster with  SmartField™ Field Service Solutions

When your technicians generate invoices at the time of service and can accept cash, checks or credit cards in the field, you bank the money faster. You also speed up your cash flow, reduce credit card fees and cut bad debt. Synchronizing invoices with your accounting software daily reconciles every payment and keeps your books up to date.

With mobile payments you get paid on the spot. Because SmartField, SAP/Oracle/JD Edwards/QuickBooks and Merchant Services all talk to one another, your techs are able to cut the invoicing steps in your office. When all your departments and technologies work together, payments are recorded as they happen and match work orders with invoices.

Customer Portal & Customer App Revenue
Giving you distinctive competency in the market against your competitors, and enabling your customers to choose when they would like service within the time frames you create.   A reservation system specific to your organization with the power to dominate the competition.

The worlds first Customer Request Mobile App and Customer Portal, with your Brand!!

Do Payroll Better with MobileLogix’s SmartField™ Solutions

SmartField™ helps by eliminating “double entries” by communicating with your accounting package. GPS-stamping verifies your technician’s hours from the field and increases time-reporting accuracy. So, it’s a snap for your office staff to consolidate and approve time cards for a more exact payroll.

GPS-stamped time cards can save time and ensure accurate payrolls. With easy-to-use time cards on each field tech’s mobile phone you will be able to eliminate time card errors and validate the technician’s location at clock-in and clock-out.

Pin Point Arrival/Work Time – Every Time

By recognizing patterns in individuals’ performance profiles and applying advanced analytic’s, SmartField predicts travel times, arrival times and job duration’s with the highest level of accuracy and precision.

Mobile Field Workforce Schedule

Field Workforce Schedule Pinpoint Arrival Times, Live Status, and Resource Certification, and Availability.

Predict Exact Work Times, Every Time
Other automated estimating and progress tracking, with scheduling calculates precision planned vs. actual time.  SmartField, utilizes time-productivity based task management. It uses historical data, learned from techs who have traveled this route to this neighborhood, to calculate door-to-door travel times.   The result?   SmartField predicts arrival times plus or minus 30 minutes with 96 percent consistency – a claim no other field service management can match.

Workforce Management Screen

Field Workforce Predictive Algorithms

Automate the Most Reliable Schedule
More accurate arrival times mean more reliable schedules and more confidence for dispatchers, field techs and. It Optimizes SmartField automatically assigns the right employees to the right jobs, sets the best schedules and maps the best routes to optimize field service operations every day, enterprise-wide.

SmartField’s Smart Workforce Learning – What makes us Unique!
Patented Field algorithm uses a process that mimics human selection with artificial intelligence.   Thanks to the power of cloud computing, it can route 10,000 appointments in just over 1 minutes. It Drives Collaboration Going beyond simple instant messaging and social networking, SmartField provides the first platform for truly mobile, context-aware collaboration. It intelligently connects the office to the field and the field staff to each other in ways never before possible. When field techs confront an unfamiliar problem at a work-site, they can use SmartField’s mobile workforce management social-networking platform to draw upon the collective experience of their colleagues and get a solution – increasing the rate of first-time fixes. Or when techs need a particular piece of equipment to complete a job, they can instantly find the nearest colleague who has it – saving time-consuming  phone calls and costly trips to back to headquarters.

mobile workforce

mobile workforce anywhere SmartField

End-to-End Customer to Field to HQ Communication
Communicate from order to delivery, SmartField brings customers into the loop, giving them end-to-end service visibility, valuable information and a real voice for the first time. They can receive reminders of scheduled field service visits by their preferred means of communication – phone, SMS text, e-mail or social media. And, upon receiving the reminders, customers can confirm, cancel or reschedule the appointment, helping to eliminate costly “no-shows.”

Start Lowering Costs Today
Bottom-Line Value Of course, SmartField proves it worth by its performance. Typical users save a total of $13 per appointment, or up to between $5,000 and $20,000 per field technician per year. Daily job completion rates improve by as much as 47 percent.

Instantly Improve Customer Satisfaction – Guaranteed
Customer satisfaction climbs to new highs with common 98 percent feedback in post-appointment surveys. (A cool job by job built in satisfaction survey) With results like that, SmartField proves that field services need not sacrifice customer service to maximize efficiency.

  • Improve day-to-day operations with real-time data
  • Automate Appointment Scheduling with “Smart Service”, increase sales 34%+
  • Increase Customer and Opps visibility with dashboards and goal-based metrics
  • Customer Portals and Self Help reduce costs by 20%+

Mobile Workforce Software for Smart Contractors, Customers, and Owners

SmartField for Smart Companies

MobileLogix is the leader in Field Service Automation Software.   We improve profits with the best field service on a single software platform with the latest technology in  field services software.   We have been providing software for the field for over 15 years.  Service tracking software that enables your field teams guaranteed performance improvement.    We have won multiple awards for the best field service management software. MobileLogix Field Manager Software is the only SaaS, Cloud based solution that enables companies of all sizes a single field service solution.

Integration Platforms
Oracle, SAP, JDEdwards, NetSuite, QuickBooks