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1-2-3 Implementation Program
MobileLogix’s 4 Step Structured Implementation Program is enterprise-quality, with a  track record of successful implementations across a wide spectrum of projects and companies, from smaller deployments to large, international, multi-location installations. Our “building block” approach can be easily scaled and tailored to accommodate size, scope and complexity, depending on your needs.

Our 1-2-3 Implementation Program ensures success through a well thought out and planned MobileLogix implementation.

MobileLogix’s proven implementation process speeds your successful implementation and helps you quickly realize a return on your investment.

Field Workforce Easy Software Implementation

Field Workforce Software Implementation

MobileLogix Kick-Off
MobileLogix’s internal kick-off confirms customer expectations and establishes the MobileLogix team that will serve the customer throughout the implementation process. This is a critical step in your successful implementation. Our comprehensive checklist allows our experienced implementation professionals to address all your challenges and pre-requisites in advance.

Customer Kick-Off
MobileLogix’s customer kick-off, typically lasting 45 minutes to one hour, confirms project expectations, timelines and reviews priorities. The objective during this stage is not to create the detailed plan, but to ensure that the customer confirms goals, commitments and communications for the project.

Planning Meeting
The planning meeting includes the MobileLogix project manager and the customer project manager responsible for directing customer resources and overseeing the deployment. Depending upon customer needs, the installation plan may be simplistic, but will include a review of the network and components to ensure that the deployment will work at the best possible performance, and within the context of the customer’s overall security system.

Business Process Review
The MobileLogix project manager will confirm your current processes and map the software to your needs, including best practices recommendations for you to consider during implementation. Once done, customized education can be developed to tailor your user training to your specific needs and operating requirements. A conference room pilot follows the process review so MobileLogix’s implementation experts can recommend the best system configuration and use to mirror, and even improve on, existing processes. This step ensures a smooth rollout, user adoption, and fast ROI – delivering a standardized solution tailored to reflect the way your business works.

Data Migration
A careful and methodical data review determines the data to migrate to MobileLogix. By migrating legacy data you eliminate the costly and resource draining burden of maintaining infrastructure and expertise to support legacy systems and information. MobileLogix also uniquely and dynamically links with existing industry-standard accounting/scheduling software and Excel worksheets – no “cut and paste” or importing required.

User Training
User training has flexible delivery to match your teams schedules with Web, Remote, and On Site delivery.    The training can also incorporate customer best practices defined in the conference room pilot. MobileLogix’s flexible training options and custom approach provide customer-specific, tailored and relevant training, avoiding the requirement of sending valuable staff to prolonged and often wasteful “generic” education.

General Deployment
Having completed the stages above, the final stage is the rollout and cut-over to MobileLogix. This can be phased by location/function or can be an “all at once” execution. Regardless of the method, success occurs when a transition plan is used to ensure that all parties and steps are in place to achieve the cut-over.

Periodic Reviews & Management
During the deployment process, regular project reviews are held to ensure the implementation plan is achieved and the goals are met. This includes a weekly flash report outlining achievements and any variances to the plan.

Technical Support
The Technical Support staff at MobileLogix is your first line of contact during your implementation and beyond. The members of the Technical Support Team are experts both in the MobileLogix application and the backbone technology supporting the software. Through the capturing of information via the Structured Implementation Program, each client’s environment and execution of this process is documented, allowing each support person to be informed and up-to-date on all aspects of your technical environment and progress toward implementation.

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Field Service Implementation Steps by 1, 2, 3.

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