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6 Tips for Property Management Professionals

Being a property manager is no simple task. It is an extremely demanding job that requires you to be on call at all hours of the day. You are your tenants crisis manager and responsible for constant planning and decision-making. It is the job of the property manager to ensure that tenants are happy and the property is kept up. Take control of your schedule by making sure you are maximizing your time and efforts. Implementing a property management solution allows you to more easily oversee properties conditions in real time, communicate with tenants through mobile applications, and schedule field workers for maintenance and repairs. Field service management enables property managers to make better decisions with better response times. Here are our 6 tips that will make you a more effective and efficient property manager using property management software.

1. Minimize Your Paperwork

Any property manager knows that the job comes with a lot of paperwork, and too much of this can confuse even the most organized worker. Property management software can give you the ability to manage and submit reports electronically. When all of your documents are on one easy to use mobile application you are able to track maintenance history, sign documents in the field, and keep on top of payments and billing. The more organized you are the more efficient your work will become.


2. Make Things Simple

When property managers think about the scope of their work it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the magnitude of the job. Keeping things as simple and organized as possible will allow for a better quality of work. Within our property management software you are able to customize all of the tasks you need to keep track of. Categories can include new tenant setup, maintenance services; clean out services, inspection services, landscape services, and tenant improvement. These easy to manage categories will keep you from forgetting about any responsibility you are in charge of.


3. Stick to a Schedule

Property managers are constantly knocking off tasks on their long list of to-dos. When it comes to emergency repairs, preventative maintenance, rent collection, evictions, and various other jobs scheduling is critical to keep everything running smoothly. Our mobile application can be set up with daily, weekly, or monthly reminders on all of these tasks. When you have technology keeping track of your schedule you are able to develop a workforce history that helps generate helpful reports and analyzes trends in order to avoid future problems.


4. Have Good Communication

Communication between tenant and property manager is the key to maintaining high tenant retention as well as satisfied customers. When the property manager, the tenant, and the maintenance worker are all communicating within one application everyone is on the same page in terms of scheduling times, work issues, and any other information the needs to be made known. Real time knowledge about maintenance progress is helpful for all parties. Communication is significantly heightened when using a property management software solution. There is no risk of missing anything your tenant may need when all your clients are being kept track of in one place.


5. Have a Back Up Plan

There are a lot of unpredictable factors that come along with property management. Preventative maintenance and high quality tenants can significantly reduce the amount of unpredictable repairs but there is no way to prevent them completely. When using property management software features you are able to better monitor your preventative maintenance schedules. This keeps you more on top of work in general so you are able to better plan for unexpected issues. Fire, floods, or natural disasters are some of the larger unexpected maintenance issues that can arise and having contingency plans before these issues occur can help ensure a smooth process.


6. Set a Budget Before Hand

It’s important to know what you’re willing to spend on maintenance for properties you manage. Property management solutions can keep tack of property expenses and notify you when budgets need to be adjusted. Maybe you have a tenant who is particularly hard on a property and you don’t know if you want them to continue renting from you. Keeping track of what they are spending is a great way to maximize property life as well as profits.