About Us

About MobileLogix

Learn more about MobileLogix, a company dedicated to improving the customer experience while cutting field service costs.

Our unique customer-centered approach is helping businesses of all sizes around the world cut costs while improving their interactions with their customers.

The SmartField field service platform from MobileLogix empowers companies to do more with less,  and do it better.

A Leader in Field Workforce Management, we invite you to learn a little bit about who we are and what drives us.

Founded to solve the problem of predicting field workforce delivery times with patented technology that creates the most accurate schedule, work times, budget and constant communication between the customer, field workforce, and back office.

We increase revenue by 34% and reduce costs by 16% or more by eliminating wait times with a  individualized approach to field service management.

Leadership Team
Guided by our founders we have built a world-class leadership team with 18 years plus in the Field Service and CRM industry that is guiding operations in dozens of countries on four continents.

Many of the largest companies all over the world spanning a variety of different industries are using our SmartField field service management solutions to drive their mobile workforce’s daily operations including: time-sheets, scheduling, dispatch, customer portals, reservation systems, mobile time entry, GPS tracking, mobile project tracking and other critical KPI’s.

As a fast-growing technological leader, we are always looking for talented people located around the globe who can contribute to our exciting future. Please look over our current open career opportunities.

What Makes MobileLogix Unique
Extensive Expertise with Large-Scale Software Implementations
MobileLogix’s implementation team members, as well as many company executives, have extensive experience implementing multi-million dollar, multi-region software deployments. This first-hand experience results in a customer-focused approach that makes the implementation process the focal point of the company’s operations.

Predictive Field Workforce Time

Predicting Activity Time with Field History

Modern Technology Platform
MobileLogix has invested millions in developing a modern, enterprise-capable technology platform. This flexible and open platform, built on top of SaaS Cloud and SQL Server technologies, serves as the foundation of the MobileLogix solution.

System Integration
MobileLogix employs a unique approach to developing integration’s with other systems (such as scheduling and ERP). The approach is based on an extensible architecture platform ensuring that custom integration’s are fully compatible with new releases of the core platform. This “plug-in” integration capability was designed specifically to facilitate seamless interaction between MobileLogix and other enterprise systems in use within your organization.

Extensive Domain Knowledge
MobileLogix has been serving facility management, property management, financial institutions, retailers, power, oil and gas, mining owners and contractors for nearly twenty years. The company’s employees have extensive domain knowledge of the issues faced by construction companies and how they operate (many employees have ten plus years of on-the-job construction experience, at all levels of management). This knowledge is not only reflected in the design of MobileLogix software, it also allows MobileLogix’s implementation and support teams to speak the customer’s language and streamline communications.

Ongoing Education
MobileLogix provides monthly user groups, annual user meetings,  and monthly knowledge sessions that address industry best practices and tips to ensure your businesses ongoing success.

About MobileLogix
MobileLogix has provided customers the flexibility and confidence to rapidly conceptualize, schedule, and control field service with precision accuracy, throughout service cost and productivity management.