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Mobile Workforce Management for Customers

Mobile Workforce Management for Customers

Smart Companies understand how to get the most out of their Field Workforce by optimizing work orders and work order management with mobility.

The worlds First Mobile Customer App for your customers Branded with your logo!

Sell More with Customer Portals and Apps

Empower Customers with Self-Service Customer Portals

Customers can request work orders with specific questions – tailored for each customer. Customers are able to view a map view of current, past and future work. 67% of customers prefer self-service over speaking to a representative. Customer Portals add 12% more to service requests when feeling empowered to select (Nuance Study 2016)

Send Customer Notifications

Notify customers of scheduled appointments, changes in times, and job details with photos of the arriving field resource attached to emails and texts.

Configurable messages send custom templates to customers every step of the way from work order request to work completion.

“Schedule Notification” – Bring customers in the loop quickly with instant notification of scheduled activities. Each time a job is scheduled and assigned, Customers receive emails and texts alerting the customer contact of the date/time/technician and work summary to be performed.

“On the Way” Notification – When the field resource is en-route, customers receive a second alert notifying the customer the field resource is on the way. “On the way” notices, reduce field time, and eliminate “second visits” by verifying the customer.

Work Complete” Notification – Customers receive final notifications upon the completion of work including: invoices, work orders and follow up quotes.

Customer Access to Work History – Past, Present and Future

Empower customers with real time views of work status. Customers create on demand views and alerts of work status by location, area, job, project and other important KPI’s. Gain a competitive advantage with real time and historic field productivity.

Transparent Equipment History

Increase customer loyalty, with transparent visibility to Equipment maintenance history, location, parts, warranty and other information. Customers view comprehensive equipment details under one roof, with instant web access to service history to key customer stakeholders.

self serve mobile customer app

self serve mobile customer app

Customer Portal to Increase Sales, empower customers,  and stand out from the competition.

Field Service Customer Portal

Schedule and Assign Qualified Resources

Enter and track planned/requested dates for each job. Schedule jobs/projects around qualified field personnel expertise and scheduled available times. Auto-assign the right resource to the right job with a single click.

Alert Customers and Field Resources when Scheduled
Drag and Drop jobs/activities/projects into the schedule to filtered skill sets capable of matching job requirements.   Notify customers and field members of scheduling additions and changes.   Indicate vacation and hours of assignment for each available scheduled resource

Plan Productivity, Increase Revenue, with Performance Time Studies
Gain a birds eye view of field task work at the activity level, eliminating the guesswork of time with step- by-step time study tracking on each field performance task.   Activities are fine-tuned with a minute-by- minute understanding at the task level.

Patented Time Study/Forecasting Technology
MobileLogix  “Smart Productivity” is the only solution with this patented technology that enables organizations to track and plan time at the task level.   The results enable productivity planning at new efficiency and cost savings levels.   Smart Productivity enables new sales opportunities with deep task/time history to maximize client time and offer the opportunity to modify contracts to fixed fee vs. time and materials, greatly increasing margins and bottom line profits.

Support a Hierarchy of Projects, Jobs, Activities, and Weighted Progress
Only MobileLogix offers the ability to measure time and performance with weighted values at each task at the Project , Job, and Activity Level.    5 Minute manager capabilities allow customers, management, finance and other groups to view work in real time with a complete understanding of current progress with predictive forecasting and improved planning. 

Track Jobs by Status
Status jobs/projects by flexible status types including: pending, scheduled, cancelled, complete, paid, in transit, onsite for instant reporting on jobs/projects.

View Jobs in Google Maps
Visualize work activities with Google Map lookups for each job.   View jobs by type, equipment, material, status, schedule and more.    Map views enable historic analysis of past work, present status, and future planning based on location.     Search on Equipment, Resource, Production, and other key metrics.

FieldService Nearby Jobs

Google Maps integration with flexible overlays and job data.

Build Jobs from Standard Work Libraries
Create new jobs from a library of work types and Job Templates including, descriptions, hours, cost, price and other flex fields.

View Job Status
View the status of multiple jobs for a single customer with color coded job status that displays the current progress for each job/project.   Create export reports to Excel that provide the owner/client status and “rules of credit” reports on the progress of each job/project.

Create SLA Escalation Alarms
SLA’s are critical to service contracts.  Escalate response activities to groups, roles and individuals.   Create multiple alarms to fit gold, silver and bronze service packages.     Create new sales opportunities with the ability to empower a customer with SLA service choices.

Visualize Work Plans with Integrated Google Maps

View future work via Google maps and color coded grids to optimize and resource plan by area and location.   Easy to understand visual maps eliminate guess work on resource planning with detailed location points of future, current, and past work status.    Historic maps illustrate past work by salesperson, field resources, equipment and other key planning areas.

Optimize Field Resource Schedules
Forecast and optimize future resource requirements by Job Skill, Location, Customer, and other key resource drivers to optimize schedules; maximizing labor and equipment availability daily/weekly/monthly, while drastically reducing costs.

Automate Budget Projections
Build Cash flow, resource, equipment, and budget plans with estimated cost and revenue projections by work type.   Project work by customer, location, work type, resources and equipment type.    View upcoming work by week, month, quarter or any date range.  Simplify management reports and reduce resource costs with optimized scheduling and future resource planning.

Improve Cost Accuracy with Allowance Factors on Activities
Assign allowances at the Job and Activity level to multiply difficulty and other factors against standard job activities.     Keep standards in place while creating factors that can include risk, distance, and other added cost components to standard work activities.  Improve profit margins and gain accuracy during budget time with accurate projections.

View Work / Job History
View customer job history by customer, job number, payment, job creation date, completion date, job status, and amount charged for each job.

View Work by Type
Track job numbers, work types, and completion dates of work performed under each customer.

Export Job and Work History
Export Job Numbers, Payments, start and completion dates, job status, charges, work types, and other customer data to Microsoft excel XLS and CSV files.  Use data exports in outside systems including accounting systems.

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