Mobile Dispatch Workforce

Mobile workforce dispatch management allows organizations to utilize Iphone, Ipad and smartphone devices to view, track and record the status of existing work orders. Dispatch Mobilization extends the back office functions of job tracking to the field from any location, empowering the mobile workforce with real time information while allowing the organizations office staff insight as to field status at any time.

Mobile Field Workforce Schedule

Dispatch Field Workforce Schedule by Status

Manage Field GPS position
Each time a field member reaches a job/project their position is uploaded into the dispatch system and recorded. Track field members by last location. Leverage historic data to reconcile and audit crew history for time on site reconciliation to payroll and job costing.

any device time sheet collection

Enable Remote Job/Project Search
Search jobs from anywhere with Ipads, IPhones, and other smart phones. Views are restricted to display only jobs/projects assigned to the technician. View current status, location, and other work order information.

Record Remote Job/Project Status
Allow field members to enter location status information stored by longitude/latitude of their existing location. Status buttons indicate the progress of each job/project on each project: in transit, onsite, or complete.

Automate Time of Arrival Tracking
Each time a field member selects a job/project and indicates “In Transit” or “Onsite” a status is updated to update the master job/project in dispatch and customer portal and customer apps.

Work Order Field

Customer Portal Mobile Work Order

View Only Work Orders
Allow field members to view information on assigned work orders.

Directory Lookup
Empower field members the ability to search job/project customer information by customer/company name and view map location and directions for each job site.

Real Time Client Communication
Notify customers on the status of their job/project with updated information from the field. Pictures of the job site, and the field member arriving for security and identification verification.

Associate User Skill Sets and Certifications
Create skill sets by Job Group for each field technician, foreman or other user type. Enable scheduling control and resource assignment based on job skills. Easily add and delete job skills when certification is achieved by a technician. Job skills can be associated with geographic areas to assign technicians by region.

Field Work Order Status

Mobile Work Order Status

Dispatch Assigned Vehicles and Equipment
Assign equipment and vehicles to each user to manage assets and associate material inventory with each field technician. Track active delivery of equipment to each technician as well as the return date of equipment. Assign vehicles to technicians with VIN number and description management.