Equipment Management

Mobile Equipment Management

Manage the life cycle of customer and internal equipment, improve asset utilization, and increase asset reliability and software performance.

Asset / Equipment Tracking

Asset tracking provides customers and Equipment Managers with online access to all assets across all locations, including last GPS location and job history of that equipment.   Detailed equipment information is easily accessible, including asset ID, description, type, manufacturer, model, serial number, etc. Individual asset values can be used to determine asset / equipment  values per location, store or region. Up to date asset data and the status of the asset (active, inactive, in repair, missing) can be a valuable tool to improve asset utilization across stores. The complete history of every asset is captured in a detailed audit trail.

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Warranty Tracking

Keeping track of every warranty for every asset / equipment across all store locations can be daunting. MobileLogix’s warranty tracking  helps you manage individual assets warrantieswarranty renewals, and ensures equipment repairs leverage warranty when appropriate.

Equipment Detail Tracking

When equipment is purchased or replaced, it generally includes a warranty. If this information is added to the asset tracking system, an alert is triggered when a problem related to the asset is reported from the store location. If the asset is under warranty, a zero dollar work order can be generated.

Warranty information is also used to issue alerts a week or two before the warranty expires. This provides the opportunity to have the asset inspected and address any issues prior to warranty expiration.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance information can be included in the asset record to allow the system to automatically generate work orders according to a preset schedule. The vendor, cost and service frequency are all used to generate the work orders, and when the work is complete, the next scheduled preventative maintenance date can be calculated and updated in the asset record. This automates the process to help ensure the asset is properly maintained.

Proactive preventative maintenance enhances the service life of assets by keeping track of scheduled maintenance inspections and jobs, including step-by-step instructions or checklists, lists of tools and materials required, and other details.

Cost of Ownership

Big Sky provides the tools to assist you in tracking asset / equipment costspurchase price and maintenance thresholds. Reports provide information to perform real-time analysis and cost reporting on any asset or set of assets, which can reveal the true cost of equipment ownership. Alerts are issued when the maintenance cost of an asset exceeds a percentage of the initial asset value. Calculating asset cost of ownership is important for budgeting and purchase planning. Analyzing trends and forecasts can help reduce asset related operating and emergency maintenance cost.

Life Cycle Management

Even well maintained assets will eventually need to be replaced. Insight into asset replacement information allows for proper budgeting and associated project planning. By including replacement dates in the asset records, reports can be created to identify which assets are nearing their end of life. Alerts are issued when a replacement is due. Asset repair costs also help determine asset replacement needs and capital expenditure planning.

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