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Gamification: Transforming Business Productivity


Do you want to boost business efficiency by 25-50%? What if you could transform your business’s mundane daily tasks into an exciting game for your workers to play? Sounds like fun doesn’t it! This process is better known as gamification and it has become the latest trend in mobile workforce management. Over 40% of Global 1000 organizations use gamification as the primary mechanism in transforming business operations. Gamification can occur when elements of point scoring, competition, and rules of play are all incorporated into task completion. Gamification is more than just a way to make the work environment more entertaining. Gamification is actually used to increase workplace productivity and improve performance. With 80% of customers demanding improved efficiency from organizations they interact with, a gamifying mobile workforce solution should be a business model every organization is considering.


Like a videogame, you are competing against coworkers to complete the “mission”. Gamification inspires a sense of competition that drives engagement and productivity. With 70% of business transformation efforts failing due to disengaged workers gamification is a great solution to counteract this alarming statistic. Mobile applications allow workers to view their progress and compare their scores to others working on similar jobs. Gamification is not a game that distracts but instead a source of competition that drives motivation. Even employees who are not inspired by this added level of completion can enjoy gamification for its goal completion properties. Workers can set personal goals and compete against themselves to improve their performance in a variety of categories.


Field service management applications connect every level of operations within your company.  Teams across various departments are now able to interact with one another and stay up to date on one another’s progress. The real time performance management that is available on field service applications makes collaboration easy and convenient. This feature inspires teamwork and collaboration with a group work mentality. No worker completes the task if not everyone contributes his or her portion of the work. Each member in the various departments is obligated to stay up to date on their individual tasks in order to finalize the overall “mission”.  When all departments are connected this inspires teamwork and collaboration in order to better reach company wide goals. Of the companies who implement gamification 90.4% noticed an increase in their sales performance. When collaboration through mobile applications occurs you have successfully used gamification to improve productivity.


Gamification of your business provides employees with an increased level of transparency. When you are tracking each employee’s objectives and results workers are able to see what their peers are doing within the organization and what they view as a priority in their work. Gamification can rank your employees in order to instill a better sense of fairness. When a company is transparent with the achievements of their workers you are able to see who is pulling their weight within the organization. Prior to implementing a field service management application most companies are unaware that they are employing workers who are unproductive and unmotivated. Companies who instill transparency through gamification are able to remove about 10-15% of their entire workforce and still maintain the same level of productivity. With all data and operations being tracked and connected in real-time the level of business intelligence organizations can perform is tremendous.