Gen Tech Service

Gen Tech Services

Generator Testing
MobileLogix enables a comprehensive list of industry standard tests for your generator stator, rotor, exciter and bushing tests. Our mobile testing  module provides an accurate analysis on the overall condition generators with preventive maintenance scheduling and mobile checklist inspections.

Test areas include:

 Low Flux Core / Electromagnetic Core Imperfection Detection Test (EL-CID)
 DC Winding Resistance
 Insulation Resistance / Polarization Index
 Power Factor / Dissipation Factor
 DC Leakage and DC Over-Potential
 Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) Accuracy and Insulation Resistance
 Through Bolt Insulation Resistance
 Transposition Testing
 Tube-to-Tube and Tube-to-Copper Test
 Offline Partial Discharge Monitoring

 Borescope Inspection
 Wedge Tightness and Deflection testing
 Coil Spacer Tightness
 Building & thru bolt breakaway torque checks
 End Winding Resonance / Bump Test

Generator Inspections
MobileLogix automates inspection reminders on annual or biannual minor inspections along with major inspections to maintain or even extend the working life of your turbo or hydro generator. Annual or bi-annual inspections can prevent or rectify any issues that may occur.


Generator Repairs
From epoxy application to compete stator or rotor rewinds,  MobileLogix will work with you to provide the necessary repair workflow in the field to ensure that your generator continues to operate at peak efficiency.

Generator Parts
MobileLogix has the capability to display replacement or upgraded parts for  the components in your generator.

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