Business to Business Software

Business-to-business services enable operational efficiencies in field service organizations by providing visibility into work to be done and the resources to do it, and automating the allocation of work to the most suitable resource. TOA identifies where SLAs may not be met or high-priority jobs may not be done in time, allowing dispatch control to take remedial action, and enables coordination between different teams to bring work to successful completion.

Boost Field Service Operations by 12%

SmartField runs offline on smartphones, PDAs/handhelds, tablets and laptops (with no software to install), allowing field employees to interact with their allocated work. Plus, with proprietary reporting, partner analytics or through feeds into existing BI/MI tools, managers can generate analytics on the performance of the field organization.

Benefits for Network Operations

  • Increase number of jobs completed per tech per day – Optimize job allocation, mix planned maintenance with break fix work, and improve dispatch visibility of workload and progression over all techs to enable re-allocation & lower drive time.
  • Improve wrench time and move administration tasks to lower-cost resources with workflow – Allow the field to move jobs back to central administration for parts ordering, arranging site access issues, completing compliance reports for third-party access and finding test equipment to move tasks from expensive field operatives.
  • Improve dispatcher to tech ratio – Reduce scheduling and dispatch costs.
  • Improve SLA achievement – Increase jeopardy visibility and optimize workflow.

Results that can be achieved include:

  • 13 percent increase in capacity
  • 39 percent reduction in drive time
  • 68 percent reduction in overtime
  • 17 percent decrease in mean-time-to-repair
  • 71 percent current workforce utilization level
  • 27 percent increase in service profitability

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