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Field Workforce Management low voltage telecom

Field Workforce Management low voltage telecom

Service Management Software for Cable and Telecommunications

For too long, the “cable guy” has been saddled with a reputation for late visits and poor customer service. But the complexities in solving this issue are vast. Routing work orders, seamlessly connecting technicians and dispatchers, integrating legacy software applications, tracking customer feedback, viewing customer history and managing home certification and diagnostics tools are just some of the issues that need to be resolved. MobileLogix was founded to solve the “cable guy” problem.


Our time-based applications identify and analyze the performance of each technician, based on the type of work assigned, skill level required and time taken to complete the task. Then, using these personal performance profiles, our exclusive predictive analytic’s accurately forecast arrival times and job duration’s.  By measuring what’s actually happening in the field as it happens, our solutions schedule and route in real-time, help ensure punctual arrivals and show dispatch a unified view of all operations. The ultimate result: significantly improved productivity.

Predictive, intelligent and customer-focused, our field service management software is a proven solution for cable and telecommunication providers:

  • SmartField is the only application in the industry that supports both Service and Network Support technicians.
  • SmartField Telecom and Cable Facility Management was built for  Moves, Add’s, Changes, and
  • Video Signage Repairs and Installations
  • Low Voltage Installs and Repairs
  • Cable Run Installation and Repairs

Telecom moves, additions, changes, and disconnects (MACD) can be complicated, costly and frustrating.

Our  MACD management solution is designed to assist you with the management of your existing voice and data lines to make it as effortless as possible.

Once the locations and assets of your voice and data lines are entered into our  telecom management application,  we simplify the process of managing those work orders, so you can save on your telecommunication expenses.

Mobile Workforce Video Reference Library

Mobile Workforce Video Reference Library

With SmartField  you can monitor and keep track of any MACD requests,  and provide a timely status of those changes, so you can focus on doing what you do best.

Managing the movement of voice or data lines from one location to another.
Once you’ve prepared the destination site, the selected carrier or vendor can be instructed on the relocation of the lines.

Providing service additions to existing voice and data lines
SmartField MACD management can oversee the addition of services to existing voice and data lines such as incremental IP addresses to a data circuit, additional features to voice lines, or even additional lines to an existing hunt group, effortlessly.

Providing changes to existing voice and data lines
For your added convenience, SmartField MACD can change the services on existing voice and data lines to reflect your changing needs and provide easy access to them in our cloud based solution.

Managing disconnections and deletions
SmartField MACD can manage the disconnections and deletions on any of your data or voice line, as well as any services that may run on those lines. Working closely with our partner relationships, we make any disconnections or cancellations as smartly as possible to reduce unnecessary expenses you may incur from terminating a line or service.

Our solutions easily integrate with existing CRM and back-office systems, and our mobile interface allows technicians to manage their routes, communicate status in real time, manage truck inventory and suspend appointments.

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