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InstantCommunication and Field Resolution Management Solutions for Retailers

Managing multiple retail sites requires coordinated planning, communication and execution to ensure the effective implementation of corporate operational strategies.

SmartField Retail Management Solutions provide the retail workforce and their Vendors & Contractors, state-of-the-art solutions to coordinate activities and provide successful resolution management across multiple retail stores.

SmartField offers the best in class Facility Management and Delivery Optimization solution for Retail stores.

The Retail Challenge Case Study

Geographically dispersed locations, assets and employees need to communicate and collaborate to do their jobs.

On any given day, a wide variety of problems arise that impede store operations and affect customer relations. Also, a multitude of corporate driven initiatives and projects are put into action throughout your various retail locations.

Capturing these operational issues and activities, tracking the status and progress, working to an efficient resolution and measuring the results are necessary to ensure your retail business is operating at its highest efficiency and achieving retail success.

The Solution

A Web-based platform that allows users to access and administer a centralized database of documents and company information.

SmartField’s Retail Management Solutions enable your retail workforce to report, escalate, track and solve retail operational issues and activities. Your team can communicate with each other, and with contractors and vendors,  in a productive, meaningful way, facilitating rapid response, accurate resolutions and transparency.

Real-time progress monitoring and execution control of projects and support activities  provides visibility and accountability  for your retail operations.


The Tools You Need

SmartField offers a suite of tools that keeps your team in contact with each other and allows for visibility across your entire organization.

SmartField provides you and your organization with crucial tools to manage your Facilities, Assets, Store Development Projects, Store Operations and more. Through the use of our suite of products you will gain insight and transparency into your operating processes and costs. Browse the menu on the left to learn more, read about the benefits of SmartField, or contact us to schedule a demo today!

SAAS Retail Workforce

Retail Facility Management Software

Improve Delivery Times and Reduce Delivery Costs.  – Delivery Scheduling Software for Retail Businesses

Retail companies are committed to delivering premium customer service, through the variety of products they offer and the in-store sales and support they provide. Only MobileLogix Technologies delivers solutions to bridge the gap between the in-store workforce and customers.

MobileLogix is focused on the in-home customer appointment, and how to proactively manage that relationship to ensure both an efficient as well as a superior and satisfying experience. MobileLogix  automated mobile workforce management and customer communication solution decreases the customer “wait window” and provides an enhanced delivery experience.

MobileLogix provides benefits to all the stakeholders in the customer appointment event including: Sales Associates; Customer Care and Call Center Operations; In-house and third-party contracted Service, Repair, Installation and Delivery Personnel; Dispatch Operations; Management; and most importantly, Customers.

Workforce Management Screen

Field Workforce Predictive Algorithims

With MobileLogix’s software as a service (SaaS) solutions, the planning and routing process is optimized. The MobileLogix solutions can be rolled-out quickly, and drivers can sign in using any mobile device, including cell phones and iPads. Daily customer-by-customer routes are delivered to the drivers, and the dispatch team has can watch every route on a monitor in the main office. Plus, MobileLogix’s solutions can be integrated into your website, to allow customers to track their appointments, and to proactively schedule services.

Our retail customers have seen:

  • 38 percent increase in deliveries per hour
  • 95 percent customer satisfaction ratings
  • 97 percent approval rating for delivery people, with high on-time delivery results
  • As little as 1-hour wait windows

With MobileLogix Technologies, retail customers can reduce costs, shrink delivery windows, cut down on paperwork and enable multiple channels for customer communication.

Managing retail store operations is a collaborative effort between retail employees, located throughout the country, and third party companies (contractors and vendors) who are also widely dispersed. These users need continuous access to the solution from a wide variety of devices, making traditional, on-premise solutions difficult to install, upgrade and maintain.

To satisfy this requirement MobileLogix makes it’s solutions available using a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) deployment model and hosts these solutions in secure hosting facilities. These facilities not only provide guaranteed power, bandwidth, telephone service and environmental controls, but also allow secure network access to all workgroup members without compromising corporate networks.

This arrangement also allows MobileLogix to manage all application support issues including:

  • Managing, testing and installing updates
  • Monitoring availability and performance
  • Performing data back-up and archiving
  • Ensuring a secure processing environment
Field Work Order Status

Mobile Work Order Status

Simple, structured and consistent processes for Contractors and Vendors equals optimal store support.

SmartField’s Management Solutions enable Contractors and Vendors to manage and track the receipt and completion of work orders and fulfillment of purchase orders. Electronic invoicing

Simplify entry and submissionreview and approval, and invoice export to corporate A/P. Contractors and Vendors access the system through a secure login from a phonetablet or desktop computer.

All interactions between Contractors, Vendors and the retail workforce is structured and integrated. The complete work order, purchase order and communication history is available and accessible in one place.

Retail team members have real time visibility of Contractor completion and Vendor fulfillment status.

Contractors and Vendors utilize the system throughout the workflow process

  • Receive work orders and purchase orders
  • Update work and fulfillment status
  • Communicate job or fulfillment issues
  • Input labor, materials, time, cost
  • Submit invoices
  • View real time invoice and payment status

Manage your Contractors and Vendors for Retail Success

Vendors and Contractors are an important part of your multi site store organization. Optimal store operation is quite often tied directly to the timely delivery of products, or completion of services. Managing these important resources is critical. SmartField Retail Management Solutions provide an effective method to track, manage and evaluate Contractors and Vendors.

  • Manage all maintenancelabor and material costs, service datesservice satisfaction and contract history
  • Attach and store signed service contracts for easy online access
  • Manage your Contractors by tracking work orders issued to them, the contract history, and ratings related to past work performed by the Contractor
  • Track detailed information on contracts for maintenance work performed on a life-to-date basis
  • Track declining balance on fixed contracts
  • Manage billingshipping locations and schedules
  • Manage receiver processing and consolidated receiving reports online

Analyze Contractor Data

SmartField provides standard and custom scorecards that help you measure and track matrix’s  such as:

  • Responsiveness
  • Repair time
  • Cost
  • Job rating
  • Contract compliance

Analyze Vendor Data

  • Transaction information (e.g. actual verses expected deliver date, lead time)
  • Purchasing reports (e.g. items, quantities)
  • Receiving reports (e.g. order fill rate)
  • Quality issues (e.g. return to Vendor, repairs)
Productivity Field Workforce

Productivity in the Field is the name of the Game

Capture, track, manage and resolve facility issues across multiple stores.

Reactive Maintenance

Store requests for maintenance services are automatically captured and processed. Automated workflows, customized routing and approval processing ensure problems are routed to the correct location, prioritizedapproved and promptly dispatched to an authorized contractor. Any number of factors including store location, type or issue or priority for example,  can be used to define the handling of maintenance requests. Reduced response times result in minimal downtime and customer inconvenience at your stores.

How it works

Creating a Work Request – The Store Manager at the Manchester store goes to open in the morning and finds the front window cracked. He immediately logs onto the web based system and submits an emergency work request. This request could also have been made using a telephone (IVR).

Contractor Receives Work Order – A work order is automatically generated and dispatched to a preferred Contractor. The Contractor receives a notification, acknowledges the work order and enters time to repair estimates. The Contractor continues to update the status of the work order though job completion. These tasks could have been completed using a web browser, smart phone or telephone (IVR).

Facility Manager Tracks and Checks Status – Up to date job status can be obtained by the Facility or Store Manager using a web browser, smart phone or telephone (IVR) throughout the life cycle of the job.

Preventative and Scheduled Maintenance

Automating the service maintenance tasks that occur on a regular basis helps to assure the highest level of customer satisfaction and the highest level of equipment availability. A robust scheduling module is provided to help manage complex scheduled and preventive maintenance service contracts.

Preventive maintenance contracts for equipment, such as HVAC, fire equipment and inspections and safety checks are created and managed for all stores in one location.  Recurring scheduled maintenance contracts such as janitorial, landscaping and pest control are also easily defined and managed. Contracts can be configured by many different options include by trade, contractor, start date, stop date, frequency and location.  Signed service contracts can be attached to contract documents for easy online access.

Electronic invoices are created by Contractors and linked to Work Orders and contracts. All maintenance, labor and material costs, service dates, service satisfaction and contract history are tracked online.

Store Management

Facility Managers can easily communicate information and procedures to multiple store locations in a consistent manner with visible accountability. Online documents and guides provide store employees with information to assess and address service maintenance issues, relay store facility guidelines, identify safety and emergency procedures, define facility checks or capture critical information. The custom guides can include photos, step-by-step guided text or audio and video for detailed instructions.

How it works

Using Troubleshooting – When a Store Manager creates a service request, a troubleshooting guide is launched to direct the user through a systematic troubleshooting process, such as checking circuit breakers, thermostats, door latches, etc.

Collecting Specific Information – Many times, performing a simple corrective task can resolve the issue and avoid an expensive service request call. The custom guide provides instructions to resolve common store maintenance problems and can assist store employees in consistently and accurately submitting new service requests.

Field Service in the Cloud

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