Mobile workforce fleet management

Highway Fleet Management with Mobility

Fleet Management

SmartField Fleet Transportation Management helps manage your fleet and your Customers fleet.     Create automatic up-sell opportunities with customers with standard parts and inspections that fall below inspection set levels.    Get the Data Sheet >> FleetServices

Manage Vehicle Maintenance

Track vehicles by VIN number, description, date of registration, model, model year, purchase price and maintenance interval.

Vehicle Inventory Management

Inspections, Vehicle Inventory, Parts, VIN Assignment

Assign Vehicles to Users, Locations, and Projects

Assign vehicles to users and projects; Log mileage and maintenance by date, user, and other vehicle information.   Enter notes about each vehicle.  Vehicles requiring maintenance display on mobile apps for remote vehicle maintenance record updates from the field including internal and customer fleet maintained vehicles and equipment.

Manage and Inventory Equipment

Manage Equipment by type

Track equipment purchase prices, date of purchase, preferred vendors, equipment inventory numbers and equipment owners.

Reduce Operating Costs with Equipment Tracking
Associate equipment with field members with assigned ownership dates.  Search for equipment by type, assigned employee, or other attributes.     Track small tools, cell phones, IPads, full size assets with asset ID’s by internal resource and sub-contractor assignment.

Work Order Field

Vehicle and Equipment Tracking Without Additional Networks or Costs through GPS

Whether your fleet is large or small, private or for-hire, SmartField has the solution to meet your company’s fleet management needs. With 25 years of experience, we are the industry leader in commercial fleet management. We understand the many challenges facing fleets like yours today, from containing costs and operating efficiently to meeting government safety regulations and retaining good drivers.

With these challenges in mind, SmartField offers mobile fleet management solutions and information services designed to meet the needs of fleets of all sizes, with a variety of operational challenges. Our solutions use sophisticated information technology, but are easy to implement and use.

Manage fuel costs, safety, and assets with SmartField fleet management software

Manage fuel costs–Our fuel management system includes tools such as Performance Monitoring with Fuel Manager to help you track vehicle and driver performance and generate reports and analytical data to help you make the best decisions about fuel management.

Manage safety and compliance–Our electronic on-board recording application helps ensure that you are compliant with FMSCA regulations on driver hours of service. By keeping electronic driver logs, your drivers can operate more efficiently and you can avoid possible fines or safety audits. You can also identify and improve unsafe driving with our Critical Event Reporting and Performance Monitoring applications.

Manage assets–SmartField fleet management software make sure you stay on top of vehicle maintenance and safety. Prevent expensive breakdowns by monitoring the condition of your trucks and trailers with our Vehicle Maintenance and Vehicle Inspection Report applications. Keeping a close eye on your vehicles with our fleet management applications can help you reduce overall operating costs while increasing your fleet’s efficiency and profits.