Maintenance Scheduling Planning

Maintenance Scheduling Planning

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Maintenance Planning and Scheduling drive new and sustainable field revenue and guarantee customer loyalty.

SmartField empowers organization to create Proactive vs. Reactive maintenance planning, while keeping customers loyal and happy.

Workforce Management Screen

Field Workforce Predictive Maintenance Date, Miles, Hours on Equipment

Your Customers see the status and work history of their equipment in real time through their very own Customer Portal and Customer App.     You stand out from the competition in sales and provide a service that is unique in the industry while gaining customer loyalty and gained revenue.

SmartField communicates  equipment, vehicle and part upcoming maintenance before an item is past due, keeping customers in the loop on maintenance schedules and enabling customers with new mobile insight into visual maintenance schedules, GPS locations, and life expectancy.

Search Nearby Jobs, to save trip, fuel and labor time, Before…a scheduled trip is required. 

FieldService Nearby Jobs

Mobile Workforce Nearby Jobs Search Field

  • Create Recurring Maintenance Work (Equipment and Vehicles)
  • Create Maintenance from Number of Hours (Equipment and Vehicles)
  • Create Automated Maintenance from number of miles (Vehicles)