Oracle Integration

Integrate with Oracle Platforms

Magnify your investment value with SaaS. En-route, on-site, and on premise applications through simple and powerful platform integration in the cloud.

Expand your Enterprise WFM organizations with a secure, out-performing, and highly available system for your mission-critical demanding integration.

Integrating with Oracle data helps deliver widespread and continuous entries to data across platforms. Behind a comprehensive scope of capabilities include many real-time and bulk data transformations, bi-directional replication, data services, meta data, and data quality for seamless accountability through customers and workforce jobs in the mobile field.

Oracle Integration Data Overview

Efficiently scaled data fed through Oracle Data feeds and APIs. A secure method to access all device data en-route and on-site.

Transformation with Bulk Data

  • High-Performance Data Integrations in SmartField
  • Scaled Architecture for Performance and Lower Project Costs
  • Platform Support for Enterprise Data Integration
  • Fast Modules for Optimized Developer Productivity
  • Service Data Integration & Management for SOA Environments

“Integration with Oracle is a sales opportunity to provide a seamless information transfer.”

Utilize a perfect application for any business operations that requires data from any third party device.

Further engage your strategy using SmartField integration to Oracle’s database, master data management and SOA products.

Master Data Management Suite

Oracle is used to:

Network data integrations
All SaaS to SaaS, and SaaS to on-site integration use-cases
Keep your teams up to date
Synchronize your back office and accounting

MobileLogix can also help you with tracking other enterprise integration such as QuickBooks or NetSuite.

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Oracle enables organizations to govern, measure, improve, and manage the quality of data from any domain, including customer and product data, and minimize exposure to risk. Our data quality products provide powerful data profiling, cleansing, matching, monitoring capabilities, and unparalleled ease of use. Our enterprise metadata management technology helps harvest metadata from Oracle and third-party technologies to explore, report, analyze, and govern your organization’s metadata..

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