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ROI and Mobile Workforce Management

When investing in a quality field service management solution you want to be sure that the cost of the system will deliver a satisfactory return on your investment (ROI). Whether it be scheduling, office paperwork, data collection, progress tracking, or invoicing all can factor into measuring your ROI. When tracking your ROI the goal is to determine how you should spend money within your business. Field Service Management (FSM) software is designed to maximize efficiency, cost, and customer service all through a mobile application.


A field service management solution is typically most beneficial for companies who struggle with scheduling inefficiencies. Dispatchers are able to track field workers allowing them to schedule jobs based on proximity of location. This allows for workers to cut down on travel time and maximize the amount of jobs they can complete per day. Scheduling software can more efficiently determine the number of jobs that can be completed in a given amount of time therefor your company will no longer under or over book. Better scheduling of field service workers can boost your productivity by 12%. FSM software tracks the amount of time different jobs take and uses data to predict the exact amount of time that is required. Completing more jobs per day instantly boosts productivity and profit giving an almost instant ROI.


Sending your employees out into the field with a binder of paperwork is not only outdated but also extremely inefficient. Office and field connection is extremely limited using this method and sloppy paperwork is almost a guarantee. With 88% of spreadsheets and paperwork flooded with errors transitioning to a more automated system is crucial to your business. Forms are often incomplete or even lost leading to wasted time and materials. When making the choice to switch from paperwork to FSM software you are instantly implementing greater convenience for all of your employees. All data and spreadsheets are managed in one easy to access location that your entire team can view at anytime. When you remove paperwork from the field service industry you instantly create a more dynamic business management system that optimizes your best workers and best product using the least amount of time. All of these factors then contribute to your business returning the best profit. FSM software also expedites the amount of time between service and billing. When you reduce paperwork and invoice customers electronically you are saving days and maybe even weeks between billings. The faster your company gets paid the better!

Equipment & Inventory

FSM software not only allows you to track workers and paperwork it also helps keep inventory and equipment up to date. When you are tracking the use of your equipment you are able to schedule preventative maintenance. Using the SmartField app you can lower maintenance costs by 14% and keep up to date with all equipment, vehicles, and machines. This leads to increased efficiency and productivity that can save your business thousands of dollars in repair costs. Equipment tracking also allows you to track fuel costs and identify which specific fleets are costing you the most.