SAP Integration

Mobile Workforce Software SAP Integration

Integration with SAP

By integrating with SAP, field teams become driven to increase productivity while improving customer services. Improve customer services, and increase your revenue. It’s that simple. Now, en-route, on-site, and on-premise jobs have never been easier. Create your mobile business process with SAP integration for managing business operations and customer relations.

Overview of SAP

As a cloud-based suite, SAP is specifically used to streamline compliance across your organization. Time, attendance, wage and hour laws, leave regulations, and much more helping optimization for employee scheduling as well as giving managers 100% visibility to strategic workforce decisions.

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Field Service with SAP

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Why you should integrate with SAP:

  • Mobilize SAP customer service and SAP plant maintenance scope.
  • Increased project proficiency, deployment, and SAP mobilized workforce;
  • Enhanced SAP functionality, workflow, and customer experience.

MobileLogix integrates with SAP S/4 Hana Cloud API. Read more here.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with SAP Integration

It’s expected to see rapid deployment with a SAP CRM solution. Accelerated, full-service support for field service management and mobile workforce’s. Confirm and execute your projects on time with a single software solution. Getting up to speed quickly means fast implementation and less lost time.

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