Workforce Scheduling Online

Scheduling Field Resources

Your customer’s issue cannot be resolved remotely, and you need to dispatch a technician to their site.

You want to respond immediately, but you also need to ensure that your field service teams – either your employees or your partners’ – are utilized efficiently; minimizing long drive times and white space in their schedules.

But just any technician won’t do. To schedule and dispatch the right technician, you need to quickly work through complex matrices of availability, eligibility, service level agreements and skill inventories. Only then can you efficiently manage work orders, maximize utilization rates, and keep your most valuable customers happy.

Mobile Field Workforce Schedule

Field Workforce Schedule

MobileLogix ensures you send the right tech to the right job at the right time, with remarkable results. The average customer increases first time fix rates by 11% and decreases average time to repair by 16%.

Assigning jobs to your field service technicians can be a complex operation. Are your most valuable customers prioritized, or is the squeakiest wheel eating up your valuable resources? To ensure high efficiency while maintaining customer delight, you need to:

  • Ensure that the right job is assigned to the most appropriately skilled technician(s)
  • Ensure that the technicians do not have overbooked or in-feasible schedules
  • Ensure customers’ appointment time windows are adhered to
  • Ensure that your technicians work more and travel less
  • Ensure that the schedule is efficient as possible without negatively impacting resolution times or customer satisfaction
  • Ensure that priority customers receive attention first
Field Service Schedule App

Field Service Scheduled Jobs, confirmation, status, location, and time

MobileLogix’s advanced scheduling capabilities boast an exceptional user interface to manage manual, interactive and even fully automatic scheduling processes. Manage the schedules of both your own employees and your partner- employed technicians. By leveraging our intuitive, drag-and- drop dispatch console, you can assign and setup schedules for multiple work orders simultaneously. Increase first time fix rates and reduce mean time to repair by quickly dispatching the right technician to the job.


  • Improve the efficiency of your dispatch operations
  • Increase first time fix rates and customer satisfaction
  • Increase technician utilization rates by decreasing windshield time, and increasing wrench time
  • Meet customer SLA commitments efficiently and on time
  • Leverage your service partners more effectively to reduce costs and improve service delivery

  • Empower your dispatcher with our rich, interactive and highly configurable dispatch console
  • View work order lists based on users query criteria like unassigned, assigned, high priority, etc.
  • Drag-and-drop work order assignments to technicians
  • Find the right technician for selected work orders based on territory or proximity
  • Set up pre-defined rules to automatically assign technicians based on skills, expertise levels, proximity to the job and driving distances to work orders
  • Provide technicians and field engineers with mobile access to a dynamic calendar of customer appointments, even in remote locations with low or no bandwidth
  • Geographically view the locations of technicians and current routes in real-time in our map display
  • Automatically dispatch and assign work orders to service partner resources based on pre-defined partnership terms
  • Prioritize assignments based on customer priority, part availability, or service request priority