Managing Parts & Services

Broken products, missing parts and messy returns; these are a major drain on your profitability and a major strain on your customer relationships. But they also represent a unique opportunity. A timely, hassle-free replacement or repair can result in a customer even more loyal to your brand than before. Also, a quick turn-around of refurbished products or parts can significantly lower costs and positively impact your bottom line. Whether you employ a field service or depot repair strategy to service your customers, MobileLogix can help you resolve customer issues in the fastest, most efficient way possible.

MobileLogix ensures you have the inventory visibility and efficiency that is crucial to service profitably. In fact, the average MobileLogix customer decreases both field service costs and average time to repair by 16%*.


Service Parts

“Sorry, I don’t have that part in my van – I’ll track one down and come back later.” Nothing is more frustrating for your customer or your technician. With ServiceMax, our end-to-end solution helps ensure this a rare occurrence. Careful tracking of parts in the warehouse and in trunk stock ensures you know where parts are at all times.

ServiceMax provides visibility into trunk stock during the scheduling process and ensures that the right technician with the right parts is dispatched in the first place, thereby increasing your first-time fix rate. In addition, trigger-based parts auto-replenishment features minimize overstocking while simultaneously preventing stock “run outs,” ensuring optimal inventory levels that technicians can rely on for their parts requisitions.

  • Increase first time fix rates by ensuring the right tech with the right part arrives at the customer site
  • Reduce inventory costs by minimizing parts leakage and write-downs
  • Reduce costs by using refurbished products/parts to increase spare parts inventory
  • Comply with regulatory requirements by providing audit trails on all parts movements
  • Increase field technician utilization rates by making easier and faster to order parts or log the use of a part while in the field
  • Manage inventory data for all types of parts transactions including parts requests, return material authorizations (RMAs), stock adjustment or stock transfer
  • Provide service partners a real-time view into parts availability, and the ability to request/ship parts and initiate/ close parts transactions
  • Handle large volumes with ease via batch entitlement checks, and barcode-enabled receipts, moves and shipments
  • Feed parts availability and location information back into the field service scheduling process to ensure first time fixes
  • Empower field technicians to order parts or log the use of a part in the field using a mobile device such as an iPad or a smartphone
  • Empower technicians to quickly locate the right part via advanced lookup filters for both their own trunk stock, as well as nearby technicians and depots

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