Field Service Google Glass

Google Glass Smart Field

Smart Field with Google Glass

MobileLogix launches industries first Field/Customer/HQ view with integration to Google Glass.

Voice Field Commands

Field Service with Glass Voice Commands

MobileLogix is the first and only Field Workforce solution to integrate Google Glass with its award winning Field Workforce Management Solution, bringing the field to the customer and the customer direct insight to field performance.

With MobileLogix and Google Glass:

Field Service Technicians:

  • View and submit Field Work information with hands free delivery to improve safety and reduce field time
  • Search for common answers in the field with voice commands
  • Receive new work orders in real time
  • Receive remote assistance with real time camera display back to “technical” resources in alternate locations
  • View video libraries through voice commands to assist and expedite field performance
  • View location Information to ensure field work is completed in the right location
Google Glass Workforce Site Direction

Field Workforce Site Direction

Customers Can:

  • View pictures and video of  current and past work performed, per visit, per location
  • View “proof of service delivery” with integrated GPS, Location, and visual confirmation.


Google Glass Workforce Management

Field Workforce Google Glass

MobileLogix / Google Glass API
MobileLogix API to Google Glass enables leverages integration to Google NowGoogle MapsGoogle+, and Gmail.

 Workforce management Glass

Field Service automation


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