any device time sheet collection

Manage Timesheets from the field, in the Office, from your Customers Location – Timesheets Made Easy

Make it easy for your employees to know what they need to track and where and automate approvals accordingly. Submit time sheets for approval based on your unique business processes or customize the approval process workflow by client and project, routing for line, multi-level or project-based approvals. Online, Offline, or Mobile Time-sheet Entry SmartField provides users with the ability to enter time-sheets and approvals online, anytime, anywhere, using a standard browser and an internet connection.


Enter and Access Time and Progress from ANY device!

With SmartField Mobile, users can stay connected, even while on the road. Enter timesheets on the go with applications for the iPhone and BlackBerry, or access SmartField with any PDA or WAP-enabled phone via standard internet connections.

 Coordinate Timesheet Management & Tracking with Projects

Track time worked by project, phase and/or task and add any notes or descriptions required. Allow time tracking to be distinguished by billable or non-billable time for more expedited project and time billing

FieldService Nearby Jobs

Mobile Time sheet Workforce Nearby Jobs Search Field

 Integrate with Existing Systems: Estimates, Finance, and Scheduling

SmartField is the only solution that fully integrates with P6 Primavera Scheduling, SAP, Oracle, Sage, Dexter Chaney, Viewpoint, Quickbooks and other popular construction accounting, scheduling, and estimating tools.    Start tracking time from budgets from estimating tools like Timberline and Hard Dollar.

Hours reporting, hours search

Hours search by customer, by job, location, user, technician.

Expedite and Simplify the Daily Report

Eliminate spreadsheets and expedite billing with instant daily report creation from mobile time sheets.    Assign hours to labor and allocate time to equipment as well.   Assign the number of hours to phase codes, account codes, and location codes to expedite and quickly understand hours against, equipment and hours against labor cost codes.

Approve or Reject Time
Review, Approve, Adjust and reject time entries from any location through the mobile time sheet collector control tower.   Security hierarchy enables time sheet approval for those team members under a location, division or work type.

Timesheet approval with mobile workforce and dispatch

Employee Time Sheet Approval in the Field

Upload Photos Each Day on Activities
Time sheet collection makes it easy to upload photos of each day’s progress and activities.   Photos cant be forgotten or left on a device by accident, with “auto upload” after each picture.   Photos are attached at the Project, Job, Activity, User, and Phase Code levels.

Signature Approved Time
View an approval signature for each activity performed, and identify GPS locations to provide proof of service and proof of work performed.  Signatures assist with approving change orders in the field, eliminating delays, reducing claims, and removing disputes.

time sheet capture with signature from field with mobile workforce

Track time by the Job for job costing, or non job related time.

“Punch In, Punch Out”  in the field with time in and time out while stamping GPS coordinates.

Field workforce management

Field Workforce Management